Caught in the lens


Lotus 69F HoalsLotus 69F side radiatorCan you believe it , this photo taken of me at the age of 23 years and only 456 months and a few odd days shows you what a fast life does to you. In fact my Doctor told me to give up wine and women ,but I can sing as much as I like ! Apart from that this is my new ” Struggling Artist ” look .  I have not put much about me here “cos most of me can be found on the Storm pages.  Cunning plan to get all the pages read , in point of fact it didn’t help at all ! A quick thumbnail sketch would be as follows : passionate about ,Animals ,motorcycles , music ,humour, lived on a farm outside of Plettenberg Bay a holiday venue and certainly not an economic powerhouse. Have recently relocated back to Cape Town and have to admit, missing the country life does hurt a little.  Would like to be chasing women but can’t remember what for !!

I am won’t to say “carpe diem” or seize the day , ‘cos I doubt if we are getting it back !

If you noticed the piece of string holding my glasses in place , good for you , this is part of growing old.  I was searching for hours on end the other day looking for the #$* glasses  , when I realized I could see quite well , that’s correct they were on my large flat nose.

It’s almost like going back to five years old being sent to the shop with a note and money in a small bag on a piece of string around my neck.  My motorbike keys are on a lanyard ,modern name for a piece of string, cell phone etc ,etc . I’m walking around with 15 pieces of string around my neck otherwise I’d lose the lot. The photo of the car is a Lotus 69F Formula Ford later , converted to side radiators by my wonderful father Jack Newton long gone and still missed. Taken at Killarney Race Track Cape Town in the 1970s halcyon days . Dad a “trouble maker ” of Olympic Standards kept us in fits of laughter always ensuring we didn’t take ourselves too seriously.

Welcome to senior citizen status.


6 responses

  1. Patricia

    Saw your advert on Gumtree, will help find the right partner for you, got my own used goods and cannot swop for an older model! However i think we would have made a winning team, darn there is only one of me!

    June 7, 2012 at 3:11 PM

    • jetpix

      Hi Patricia, thank you for your comments and it’s nice to ” have a rep on the road ” finding a soul mate for me. But don’t sweat it too much I think it would take someone exceptional or perhaps challenged to put up with me. have a magic day , John

      June 7, 2012 at 4:51 PM

  2. Mike Davies

    I was a 15 year old lightie in 1970 and loved the Formula Fords at Killarney… used to hitch out from Sea Point to spend a day watching from Hoals Hoek. Who had the “Clifton Hotel” Fordie? I do remember your Lotus 69 very well. I am quite friendly with Tiff Needell over here in UK and often talk about those blissful days in the sun watching Springbok Series / Sunshine Series / Cape South Easter and False Bay 100 meetings as well as the Argus Production cars and bikes as well as FF’s and Denis Jouberts beautiful Chevron B16.
    Jirrapiet I miss those days… we had it so good … we had the best of times then mate.

    October 8, 2015 at 4:54 PM

    • Hi Mike ,
      Thank you for your comments. I was great friends with Tiff’s brother the late Mike Needell (He was a mad man of note , still miss him )
      Dennis’s B16 was ball achingly beautiful , an object of lust and desire to anyone with red blood in their veins.There is absolutely no doubt at all we where part of an iconic era . After a huge break went to Killarney a few times recently to sit with all the old farts at Damps Dip , all of whom could “now and then” get around the track at midnight in the wet with no lights driving a DKW F12 quicker than Ian Sheckter in the Tyrrell 007 ! Lots of laughs ,but it’s just not the same. Keep well and enjoy being in the World center of motorsport. Very best wishes , John

      October 27, 2015 at 8:11 AM

  3. Peter Gaunt

    Hi John. If you get this message please give me a call, SMS or email. Peter Gaunt

    January 5, 2016 at 1:45 PM

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