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Connection Francais

Well here we are another 40 degree temperature day in “ The Crags “  . It is so hot in the workshop that I have a legitimate excuse for not busting knuckles and suffering irreparable damage by fixing the two motorcycles awaiting my tender care. So some peace and quiet in front of the computer is in order.

No sooner had I booted up and I was blitzed back to reality by a blood curdling yell from outside.

The timber and duration of the  “ Jooooaahhhhaaaaannnn “ did not bode well ,in fact it without doubt meant deep poop. The self-appointed Managing Director of Guinea Glen Farm was at pains to inform me that yet again I had run foul of some unwritten law only promulgated split seconds ago.

It was pointed out to me in a semi melodious high-pitched ,garbled , indistinct non-stop cacophony, that within a radius of 10 meters something was amiss. Thanks to military experience I was able to decode the otherwise totally unintelligible rantings.

It appears the dogs had spotted a large frog under our braai (barbecue) and Isabella thought it had caught it’s foot in something because it tried to move but stayed put. She tried to help the frog and then it was revealed as to just what it had entangled its foot. The mouth of a medium to large Night Adder !

Yet again within a period of weeks some reptile had dropped me deep in the shite . This was getting out of hand , but understandable . It’s a vicious circle , we breed ducks ,ducks mean ponds ,ponds means frogs , frogs means Night Adders. There must be some French connection the adders love frogs and toads on the menu.

Anyway , with all haste and speed I grab the snake confinement kit and return to the battle front.

First the snake stick breaks ,leaving not much distance between frog ,snake and myself. With agility not normally associated with old farts of my chronological disposition, the snake and frog were separated. Regretfully his future is exceptionally grim, the hissing ,protesting now “lunchless” antagonist was in the drum and the lid relatively firmly replaced.

He will be relocated some considerable way from the farm ,certainly not within easy slithering distance. This is part and parcel of living in a rural area , there are and aways will be visits from indigenous fauna , after all it’s their home too. So rule is when it’s hot keep you’re eyes open and expect strange neighbours to pop in looking for lunch.

The upshot of all the drama was of course the fact that once again I had been remiss in as much as yet another serpent had broached our defences , “ What did you learn during all that time in the military ?”  How to stay single was not a course on offer, more is the pity !!!

I hope to have less of a reptile week and more of a photographic one so maybe soon there will be a few more “Pictures from Africa” , till then be safe and happy.

Cheers ,



6 responses

  1. John, I love your stories. YOur photos are awesome as well. Keep on keeping on!

    March 8, 2012 at 8:31 PM

    • jetpix

      Thank you so much,for your comments,have been totally lax about “keeping on” after some turmoil in my life and trans-locating from a idyllic pastoral setting to the smog filled atmosphere of a city. I am amazed at just how much influence one’s surroundings have on the inspirational part of the brain, still that’s no excuse ! Hope to start “keeping on” asap. Best regards , John

      March 9, 2012 at 6:57 AM

  2. Shellean

    What on earth possessed me to read your gumtree ad…or even respond now, I don’t know…. but here I am. …As I write this, I remember that I often find myself etherically led, yanked or pulled with some resistance on my part, to places or circumstances, only to discover on arrival why I was actually meant to be there. All I know in this moment is that I have enjoyed the colourful trip albeit difficult to keep up with sometimes, your honesty about yourself and oh my word…what a laugh!! It’s good to laugh at oneself! Thank you! Hope the storm is passing, if not over?

    I guess in some way, if I have ‘heard’ you correctly, that our paths may be running parallel. I feel like I am standing on the periphery, maybe one foot in the wilderness ahead, my community in the valley behind me. I’m curious and looking forward to the adventure of it and I hope to meet more people like you along the way. I loved the butterfly photo. It brings to mind another picture of myself…not quite as complete a metamorphosis in your photo…rather I’d say that I have emerged, but stand drying my wings still as I contemplate my new world as I try and remember my purpose for having re-emerged a second time.

    I thought about this last weekend as I read your lamenting the loss of your country home. On the weekend I sat in Murdock Valley with 3 crone goddesses inside the house, the mountain behind me, the sun above me and the ocean spread out like a fluffy blanket in front of me, surrounded by a lovingly grown organic garden with pockets of tiny retreats…and there I remembered a lost dream. I had a thought that you might love it there.

    June 12, 2012 at 11:40 PM

    • jetpix

      Hello Shellean,
      Thank you for your response, well Murdock Valley sounds by your description, like a Paradise Lost to me. Transplanted into the fug of city life, it is difficult for my peers to understand that a simple thing like genuine fresh air and water from a mountain stream can become such monumental losses, when no longer a part of everyday life. I lived in the countryside here it is a mere existence at best. But life goes on and Joe plus Weasel must be looked after at all costs. Carpe Diem, seize the day and thank God that you are capable of doing that and enjoying a laugh along the way.
      Cheers, John

      June 13, 2012 at 7:31 AM

  3. Shellean

    It’s not lost John…it’s right there. I couldn’t see it in the beginning because I was still mourning and longing for my old home. And I’ve discovered others too. It does take some effort and energy to get there, but it’s worth the ride! I’m sorry you lost the one that was home and consistently provided fresh air and all the goodness of nature. You were so blessed!
    It takes a while to adjust ….then at some point, when you’re ready, you are gonna get off your butt , take your mutt and explore new ones that ARE around…thank God…because our spirit needs feeding too…

    June 13, 2012 at 11:15 PM

  4. Shellean

    Oh dear…checking your site and re-read my last comment….doesn’t sound very sympathetic…was meant to be…:( … too many late nights…

    June 21, 2012 at 6:20 PM

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