Caught in the lens

Judge Mental

I guess I’ll never get it when it comes to Photographic Competitions. Mind you this is generally when my iconic works of art don’t even rate a “we’ll phone you” type of comment  The general lack of appreciation for an aging genius is abysmal. No “Legend in my own lifetime!” type of status, more of a “You’re still learning then ,it’s obviously very complicated” type of status.

The point of this is when I see a photo I like , even an extremely lucky once off ,can’t be his own work, shot by a rival shutterbug, not one of the judges give it a second glance. Here am I wracked with envy ,why can’t take shots like that? The photograph does not get past the first cut and I kid you not some of these are really world-class.

A judge who is at present considering legal action after I inadvertently made some obscure reference to the quality of his eyesight and suggested that his parents should get married, made mention of the fact that they sought innovation , “thinking outside the box” perhaps his box should be a coffin I ventured. Yet again a poor career move.

So must I take pictures of an empty tin of well-known soup balanced on a stale piece of bread which of course is a representation of my inner core protesting against the injustice heaped upon the average vegetarian gerbil , ignored by our money and status orientated consumer world ?

Hungry now , 10 minutes in the kitchen and my props could be ready !

Well this is how life goes on a farm in Africa ,had to stop venting my spleen on Photographic Judges and rescue one of our employees from yet another snake, this one was, or rather is , a beauty.  Two meters (plus minus six feet imperial) of tree snake, after the ducklings.

Mainly non-aggressive and back fanged, they seem to be able to put up with quite a lot of gentle interference in their daily routine while I catch and move them. Once in a danger free locale the modus operandi is to have a quick chat about indiscriminate use of his virulent poison,then let the reptile go his own way.

I’m always left in no doubt that the indifference shown by these cold-blooded reptilian neighbours to my concern for snake safety plus longevity, is a mirror image of the judges’ attitude. If there is long grass around, you’ll find a judge……er …..snake. Fact is, some of my best friends are Photo judges ?

There is naturally no chance that my work could lack any potential to be outside the box in any manner ,form or means. Just wish I knew were the box was !


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