Caught in the lens

Storm’s on the rise !

Well I have it on good authority, (my better half , mind you the jury should still be out on that idea ! ) that I should go down on bended knees and be eternally grateful for the fact that I’m living in / on the “Garden Route “ in South Africa. Had you asked me 2 or 3 years ago my answer would have unequivocally : “ Make space I’ve got to be on my knees right here .”
What’s changed ? The economy or lack of it rather. The holiday village of Plettenberg Bay used to be the get away of choice for every self respecting millionaire new or old, countrywide. The breath taking “Garden Route” itself winds it’s way from Cape Town, still the most beautiful City in the world , through vineyards ,farm lands ,countryside to still the most ardent critic and comes to meet the sea at Knysna and hugs the coast on the way to Port Elizabeth.
It’s a Photographer / Motorcyclists dream come true. In fact not so long ago some Arabian Royal blood thundered one of his Harleys down this Route he’d been told about. “Stamp of approval and Tee shirt was gotten !” so to speak. !
It appears as if a vast plug has been pulled somewhere, a Butcher shop no more ,each and every day one or another business closes it’s doors.
On our small farm we have a number of cottages ,for long term rental ,always been full ….
right now if we didn’t feed 4 of the 5 tenants ,I fear that they would be suffering from severe malnutrition. They have become friends long before this downturn ,so help we must. Is this the Storm that I have felt brewing for some time now ?
My point is this , it is a tad unhelpful when trying to be creative and upbeat and be surrounded my good people who have no clue where their next meal is coming from. If we can’t help then what ? Makes me realize that perhaps I do need to polish that spot with my knees !
I will attempt in the very near future to make a Photo Essay of this beautiful Route and pepper it with thumbnails of “Men at Work “ in the areas this road takes me. I just hope that by the time I get there my choice of “men at work “ will be too large to complete. Do understand that the title “ Men at work “ includes all , no exceptions it’s just an easier title than ,” Men ,women, transvestites , each and every minority ,non minority,race, creed ,hue ,you name it at work “

Till next Time , I’m going to be riding my motorcycle down the Garden Route camera ready and hope to bring you pictures of hope ,happiness and humour.

Cheers , John


One response

  1. Really enjoying all of your posts from the starving 4th.

    October 15, 2010 at 12:49 AM

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