Caught in the lens

” The Ignorati “

Being as I’m hooked on theories of most kinds and possessing an insatiable thirst for knowledge,
I have been known to ponder at length over the dire state of the World as we know it these days.
With conflicts going on left ,right and center. Pirates helping themselves to bounty on the high seas ,Oil companies doing a “grand job” of buggering up the Gulf.

This celebrities Carbon Footprint vs the other , so is it not possible to lend some modicum of credence to the plethora of theories that abound ? Perhaps the idea that seven families control the finances of the world , or is it rather the Alien Lizard idea , looking at some politicians , I,m willing to go with that one ! Of course the time honoured , “ Illuminati “ has been debated ad infinitum ,ad nauseam.

So what is one to think , think being the operative word , my home is far from the hub of the world at large , and I have no doubt what-so-ever “ The flat Earth Theory “ started here and is alive and well to this day. Daily contact with the “characters of this area have laid the ground strokes of my own theory. It is my humble ,but accurate opinion ,that the World is controlled by the ……

Who else but a worldwide collection of half wit idiots would allow the death,destruction ,pollution and general mayhem that is today’s World . Who really killed the Kennedy’s , many believe a number of people have met untimely ends as a result of the “Ignorati” wanting these bothersome individuals to cease being a fly in their particular ointment.

Sure the human race will never find true peace in my life time and too true it’s naive to expect skulduggery to abate forthwith , but as Cat Stevens asked “Where will the children play ?”


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